Why You Need to Find Your Sewer Clean Out


A clean-out plays a critical role in your plumbing system. Watch this video to understand the importance of a sewer clean out. A sewer clean out is an enclosed pipe that allows plumbers easy access to unclog sewers.

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Many sewer systems have one or multiple clean outs. While locating the sewer clean out is easy, its location varies based on how the home was constructed. The clean out is often located outside the front door, but it can also be indoors or close to the septic tank. Some homes don’t have a sewer clean out, but professional plumbers can help homeowners locate them if you do.

To locate the sewer clean out, homeowners can either read their plot plans or consult their local government. The county or planning assessor department has a collection of plans and can provide a copy upon request. Sometimes the plans are available on the government’s website. A sewer clean out prevents frequent drainage problems and helps a plumber identify plumbing problems to recommend the best solutions to prevent a recurrence of the issue. Repairing pipe breakages can be costly. A sewer clean out provides emergency access to pipes allowing professional plumbers to examine the blockage and repair it without time-intensive and costly excavation.

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