How Can You Dewater a Construction Site?


Watch this video to learn how to dewater a construction site. Dewatering is a vital part of construction that provides a safe environment for workers and equipment. It prevents accidents and guarantees the structural integrity of the undertaken instruction.

Water is a big problem that contractors deal with at the sites. It may be groundwater or surface water affecting the project that needs removal.

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You can deal with the problem yourself, but large-scale water-logged sites require an expert in construction dewatering projects to tackle. They use various methods to dewater underground water and surface water.

The first method is exclusion. It involves building diaphragm walls, grouting, or freezing to get rid of the water at a construction site. The second way is pumping. Pumping drains the water in wells and sumps to control underground and surface water. A pump draws out the water and leaves the ground dry for construction work. The final method of dewatering involves surface water control.

The experts use deepwells and wellpoints systems to handle water in large-scale construction projects. They involve excavations and a network of draining wells and vacuum pumps. They handle pre-drainage. You can also do concurrent drainage with a sump pump system. Drainage is vital for any project and must be budgeted for in the overall costs.


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