This Is What a Pro Stucco Contractor Does


This video delves into the roles and responsibilities of a professional stucco contractor. Stucco contractors have several responsibilities to fulfill. First, the finished product is the result of their work, so they must be meticulous in choosing the materials and techniques for the job. When hiring stucco contractors, you should consider their reputation, history, and experience.

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Stucco contractors will be responsible for installing new stucco, repairing damaged stucco, or patching off any holes in your home’s exterior walls. They’ll also ensure proper preparation work before laying down their product. It includes removing old paint or wallpaper from the area where they’ll be working and replacing any damaged wood or metal framing around windows and doors before installing new stucco.

Experienced stucco contractors should give you an accurate quote based on the type of job you need and how much square footage you have exposed to the elements that need to be covered up with new material. In addition, they should be conversant in knowing how to install different types of stucco and designing the system if necessary. They should also have experience repairing damage caused by natural disasters like hurricanes and tornadoes.

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