How Do You Choose the Right Well Pump?


To choose the right well for you, identify what kind of pump you need depending on the depth of the well. You need a shallow well jet pump if your well is 25 feet below the ground. If your well is 110 feet underground, go for a convertible deep well pump. The second thing to consider is if the pump can deliver enough water to satisfy the needs of your household. Check that your well pumpers gallons per minute (GPM) are satisfactory in peak periods. There are no hard or fast rules, but six to 12 GPM is good enough for single-family homes.

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Next, check the water pressure, measured in pounds per square inch (PSI). Survey the PSI requirements of your water-using appliances like dishwasher, washing machine, and sprinkler system to determine the correct PSI for your household. Generally, a standard ½ horsepower pump should be sufficient for many residential settings.

Though you need a pump large enough to meet your water needs, refrain from purchasing an oversized one because it will reduce energy inefficiencies and performance. However, if you are adding new appliances, you will need to replace the pump with one that provides more horsepower.

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