4 Secrets to Concrete Cutting


Improper cutting of the concrete can result in its breakage. The following four secrets to concrete cutting can help you successfully and effectively cut through the concrete. The first secret is that you should cut all the way through your concrete.

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The second secret is always adding water as you cut through the concrete.

The water cools off the blade and prevents dust from rising, allowing the diamond plate to cut through. Concrete cutting requires a sharp diamond blade, which you can rent for $45 to $60 for 4 hours. You can find it at your local hardware store. In no time, you will have your concrete cuts, which to some extent have some concrete protrusion.

The third secret would be not to use a sledgehammer to knock off the protruding concrete. Instead, use a pry bar for easy removal. With the pry bar, you can crack each piece of concrete you’re removing into a smaller piece. Then you can use the pry bar to leverage the piece up and remove it with your hands.

If you’re adding more concrete to the spot you removed, make sure the cut edges are cleaned well so it all comes back together properly.

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