Top 4 Worst Gutter Guards


Gutter guards block leaves and debris from accessing the gutters, ensuring the free flow of water from the roof to the ground or any water collection point. The following includes the top four worst gutter guards you should avoid. As with most purchases, leafguard gutters cost needs to be one of the most prominent considerations.

GutterStuff and GutterFill gutter guards rank as the worst gutter guards.

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They are spongy and soak up, preventing water from flowing through them. Water spills off the roof, especially during heavy rains. Moreover, the spongy gutter guard collects seeds and other debris, creating a conducive environment for further seed growth. The GutterBrush gutter guard is second as the debris collects within the brush’s spikes, warranting regular cleaning. Moreover, these leafguard gutters cost so much and can cause seeds to grow when caught with other debris, if not cleaned.

Plastic Liquid Adhesion is the third worst gutter guard. It blocks water from flowing into the gutters, causing water to spill off the roof gutters. Consequently, molds form in the areas close to the roof gutter. The fourth worst gutters are any cheap plastic gutters with holes in them. The gutters’ holes do not allow water through, causing the gutters to overflow. The overflowing water causes more damage to the roof and the walls.


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