Timing Your AC Duct Replacement


Air ducts are a hidden component in your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning unit that carry air from room to room in your home. It can be easy to forget about maintaining or repairing air ducts, but with these signs, you should know how to time your ac duct replacement.

Air ducts can last as long as ten years when properly cared for.

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However, they deteriorate over time due to wear and tear, which leads to system issues like poor airflow. When you notice a change in the levels of comfort or a spike in energy bills, it’s time to schedule an AC duct replacement.

If there’s a challenge cooling your home, call for a technician to inspect your ducts. A certified professional will check for any dents and punctures in your ductwork and make replacement recommendations accordingly.

AC ducts can get affected by mold, and when you turn on the system, it spreads foul odors throughout your home. Immediately after you notice this, ask for a quick replacement service because it’s the best solution for mold. Generally, a less than efficient AC duct system features hot and cold spots around your home and will need professional expertise to restore comfort to your home.

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