Filling Your Home Propane Tank


This video will show the proper technique to fill your home propane tank. Purchasing and installing a propane tank is an excellent way to create an alternative source of energy for your home. You can use propane tanks to power various home appliances, including barbeque stoves, heaters, and fireplaces. You can source such tanks from your residential propane supplier and refill them on your own when they become empty.

How do you fill your home propane tank? The first step to filling your home propane tank is connecting it to a propane supply tank using a connector hose.

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Your connector hose must have propane fitting on each side that aligns with the valves of both tanks. The connector hose must also be long enough to cover the distance between the two tanks. Ensure the connections between the hose and tanks are tight enough to avoid leakage.

Once the connections are tight enough, you can transfer propane from the supply tank to your home tank by opening the valves. A good indicator of this transfer is the hissing sound the connector hose will produce. Close the valves once your home tank is filled and remove the excess propane through the bleeder valve.

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