DIY Porch Build In 5 Steps


A porch can be a great addition to any home giving the homeowner a place to enjoy the surrounding areas in the fresh air. It can also be a place for kids to play when outdoors. However, a porch can be complicated to build, especially if the homeowner wants a modern porch design. This review will detail five steps for DIY building a porch.

Video Source

According to the narrator in the video, when DIY building a porch, the homeowner should first determine how to attach the porch’s floor joists to the side of the house. A two-by-ten inches piece of timber is used in most instances.

The second step is to determine what will carry the weight of the floor joists on the opposite end. In most instances, a two-by-ten inches piece of timber is used, which rests on several six-by-six posts buried about two feet in the ground.

The third step is determining the size of the floor joists. The homeowner should consider the span of the deck and the deck material they want to use.

The fourth step is to choose the decking material.

The final step for homeowners is determining how to put a roof over the porch.

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