How To Easily DIY Your Garage Door Install Today


Instead of hiring a garage door install service, this detailed step-by-step guide demonstrates how to quickly and conveniently install a garage door with basic do-it-yourself skills and supplies. Almost every garage door company provides comprehensive service, including transport, replacement of your old door, and assembly. Because garage doors are enormous, heavy, and moderately sophisticated, most people who buy them use expert services.

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However, if you’re handy with tools, you may save money and get the satisfaction of installing a garage door yourself.

The garage door has a torsion spring mechanism that is safer to adjust than a standard torsion-spring model. You should not try to modify or remove a garage door with a normal torsion-spring system since they are under severe tension and can potentially hurt you. Instead, learn the right way to do it or choose a skilled garage door installer.

Follow these ten simple steps for a DIY garage installation.

1. Reduce garage door tension
2. Unplug the existing door from your garage door opener
3. Mount the sectional garage door plates
4. Install the tracks and secure the hinges
5. Bolt the tracks together
5. Connect the spring assembly to the track
7. Insert springs
8. Attach the torsion rod and pulleys
9. Connect the cable
10. Tighten the springs.

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