Do You Actually Need Seamless Gutters?


If you want your house to stay in good shape for a long time, it’s important to protect it from water damage by installing rain gutters. When selecting a new gutter and sewerage system for your property, there is always one big choice to make: seamless gutter or commercial gutter.

Smaller pieces of gutter are joined and bolted together at the seams to make a commercial gutter.

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Seamless gutters are made with a special machine and are often formed on the job site. When they are attached to the house, seamless gutters have seams where they meet, which is usually at the corners. On the other hand, commercial gutters are generally sold in 10 ft. sections and can be bought at big-box stores.

Commercial gutters are popular because they cost a little less and are easier to put up. They are easy enough for even a new homeowner to do on their own. Seamless gutters usually need a special machine and more than one person to install because the sections are too long for one person to handle alone. Even though seamless gutters cost a bit more upfront and may take more work, they have many advantages over regular gutters.

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