Glass Shower Door Install Process


This video will show the process of a glass shower door install. If you are tired of dealing with dump bathroom floors due to wet curtains, it may be time to install a glass shower door. You do not need to hire a professional contractor if you have the time, tools, and skills to install your shower door.

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The first step in installing a glass shower door is replacing your curtain rod with a metal frame. This metal frame should run along the perimeter that your shower curtains used to cover. Ensure the surfaces along this perimeter are straight enough for a glass shower door to fit. Installing the metal frame on the walls will require you to drill holes in your wall tiles.

Next, tape your drilling points before making any holes to keep your drill bit from shaking on the tile. Ensure you switch off the power to avoid drilling into an active current. Once you are done drilling, put wall anchors into the holes and attach the metal railing onto your bathtub edge using a sealant. You can then install the top rail put in the door panels.


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