How to Know When Its Really Time to Call a Plumbing Service


Every homeowner must know a plumbing service they can trust. It is possible to solve most plumbing problems without calling a plumber to the house. Handle them carefully to prevent causing excessive plumbing problems.

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However, as the video shows, the following are some instances when you must contact a plumber.
Water Leak
Call a plumbing service if there is an uncontrollable water leak on the property. Try and switch off the mains before the plumber arrives to control the leak. Water leaks can damage your walls and property. They can result in mold appearing on the walls and furniture. A plumber can identify the source and control the leak before there is too much damage.
Sewage Backed Up
When sewage backs up, call a plumbing service immediately. Check with your neighbors to find out if they have the same problem as you while you wait for your plumber to arrive. If they take too long to get to your home, they may advise how to open the sewage cisterns to ease the pressure and reduce the backup.
No Water
Additionally, call a plumbing service if the property does not have water. Check your meter to confirm that the water is not disconnected. It is also essential to check with your neighbors if they have water before you call a plumber. Remember, you have to pay the plumbing service you call if they get to your house.

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