What Will My Bathroom Remodel Cost?


On The Handyman Business YouTube Channel, they recently discussed How They Estimate a Master Bathroom Remodeling Job. This is another channel associated with The Handyman a popular YouTube channel with over 150,000 subscribers. In this video, The Handyman discusses how he estimates a bathroom remodeling for a client. He went to college and majored in construction management and worked for a builder. He has many years of experience estimating the costs of bathroom renovation services.

He says he has experience doing estimates and finds that most master bathroom renovations come to between $13,000 and $15,000.

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The job that he is estimating is a mid-range bathroom remodeling job. He will be installing a new shower, removing a garden tub and installing a claw foot club, sink with faucets, removing tiles and preparing the floor for installation, removing a mirror, and repairing the wall. When he adds up the cost of labor and parts he estimates that this job will be about $15,000.

With this master bathroom remodeling job he is making custom-made cabinets on the side another added cost to his project. He lists each item and the cost estimated with removal, labor, products, and installation. In the past, he has used cost estimating and blueprints to determine the costs of bathroom renovation services. He worked in the commercial renovation of car dealers, grocery stores, banks, and other businesses. Learn more about the handyman business, bathroom renovation services by watching The Handyman Business channel on YouTube.

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