Deck Makeover With Wood Gazebo


In this video, you will learn about gazebos and how they make a good addition to an outdoor space. The wood gazebo kit in this video is all made out of cedar, and supposed to hold up better than other woods, especially in the snow. The kit is meant to be put together on your own, with limited tools.

Video Source

Many of the pieces are preassembled. The concern is if the deck will hold the weight of the wood gazebo. Sometimes, people put gazebos on the ground, because then it is no weight being supported. In this case, the gazebo was put on the deck. All of the pieces that came in the kit are pre-drilled, and all of the screws and such for assembly came with the kit. Everything is also pre-cut, so you don’t have to measure any wood or cut anything. The main beams are hollow, which is okay as long as there is an even weight distribution along the entire support center. Once it is put on the deck, he is going to install support beams under the deck to help with the extra weight. He is going to use concrete blocks.

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