How to Choose Your High-Quality Garden Bed


Raised garden beds are an excellent method of efficient gardening because they allow you to customize the garden environment to the nature of the plants you want to grow. Regardless of the quality or lack of quality of the soil on your property, you can match the soil in the garden bed with the plants you want to grow. Raised beds also provide better control of your garden’s moisture levels, though it may take more work to maintain the desired moisture versus putting your plants directly in the ground.

Raised beds warm up faster than the ground, providing a more extended garden season. Most raised beds use metal, stone, plastic, or wood for the sides. Each has advantages and disadvantages in terms of initial costs, appearance, durability, and whether they heat up and dry out your bed. Regardless of the selected material, be sure to use materials suitable for gardening and will not leach dangerous chemicals into your garden.

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Another important consideration is to ensure your raised beds have borders that are sufficiently deep under the ground level so that grasses and other plants cannot grow under the border. Borders that are too shallow allow unwanted plants to enter your raised bed, resulting in you spending significant time each year weeding those plants out of your garden beds.


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