The Most Common Air Conditioner Repair Issues


Regular checks and inspections of your air conditioning systems keep them working efficiently. However, over time, it’s usual to expect issues that require repair. These are some of the most common air conditioner repair issues. The first common air conditioning repair issue is a bad capacitor.

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This component will bulge, pop off, or maintain its normal state yet be dead.

Your ac may also run low on refrigerant due to a leak in the outside unit, in the coil on top of the furnace, or in one of the joints. Another issue is a bad control board which will disrupt the flow of command within the system. If you turn on your ac and it smells like burnt electrical, you have a bad blower motor.

A dirty furnace filter will lead to a restriction of airflow, which will lead to the freezing of the coil on top of the furnace. You will experience a tripped ac breaker which is easy to replace but if it happens again, call in a technician for repairs. With a tripped breaker, your ac system could also have a filthy condenser coil, affecting the air quality inside your home or office.

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