Persian Antique Rug Restoration at Its Finest


An antique Persian rug is an excellent investment since it’s naturally well-crafted and lasts for many years. When you purchase a rug, you will be given instructions on how to care for it. Before washing, remove all dirt, crumbs, and dust with a vacuum cleaner. Do not try unknown products or brands, only use cleaning products that are safe for the color and texture of the fabric.

Avoid rubbing against the natural wool direction during the rug’s cleaning process.

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In general, dry rug cleaning is preferable to wet drawing to avoid destroying it. If the rug is not thoroughly dried after cleaning, the remaining moisture can begin to break down the rug’s material, which extreme temperature changes during the day can cause.

If possible, wash and dry the area rug on a warm day since it should not be exposed to direct sunlight while drying. An expert cuts out the damaged area(s) during the antique rug restoration, inserts new warps and wefts, and re-knotting the pile. This method results in an invisible repair on the front; only an expert can tell where the patch is on the back.

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