Understand the Different Types of Hose Clamps


If you’ve been wondering about how to properly understand the different hose clamp types, this article and video will help run you through it. It should be noted that there are so many different hose clamp types due to the fact that they are used for a wide variety of purposes.

The Types of Uses

If you’re unfamiliar with how hose clamps are used, the different types are probably pretty confusing. You can find hose clamps being used in home repairs, plumbing, automotive repairs, and even for different types of equipment used as attachments.

Video Source

Due to the wide variety of uses, this is why there are so many different shapes and sizes.

Screw Clamps

Screw clamps are made from stainless steel band which has been imprinted with a thread pattern like that of a screw.

Spring Clamps

Spring clamps are usually made out of a spring steel band with one side cut with a narrow point on one end, then two narrow points on the other end.

Wire Clamps

Wire clamps are made from a heavy steel band. The band is first bent into a U-shape and then molded into a ring with the ends of the band overlapping each other.


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