A DIY Guide to a Complete Septic Field Install


Installing your own septic field is incredibly labor intensive, but if you have experience with heavy equipment it can be a good way to save money. Follow these steps to complete your own septic field install:

1. Survey and mark the area where your septic field will be installed.

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Your architect should have this clearly marked on their plans.

2. Excavate the area where the septic field will be installed. Excavate to a depth of at least six feet, but many plans will call for ten feet or more.

3. Lay out your tank and pipe fittings, and pipes. Again, the location of these structures should be marked on professional plans. Ensure that these structures are installed at the proper depth.

4. Install drainage gravel where required. Most field designs do not require gravel coverage over the entire field. Tamp down the gravel well, and ensure that the gravel is installed to the proper depth.

5. Install the tank and pipes. Then, connect these fixtures to the plumbing connection of the house.

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