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What You Need to Know About Concealed Hinges


A hidden hinge can help you achieve a flush style look on your door or cabinet.

It’s common to take for granted things that are part of our daily routine. We don’t focus our attention on cabinet hinges when grabbing a cereal box from a kitchen cabinet or putting out new blankets. Most of the time, we only get to notice it once the door starts to squeak.

However, we don’t really want to notice these things. We want hinges to function without bothering or annoying us.

Regardless of how beautiful a kitchen is, a decorative cabinet door that creaks or doesn’t close properly can easily mess it up. Worst-case scenario, the door with a faulty hinge might suddenly fall off.

Kitchen cabinets usually last for up to 50 years. With a hidden hinge installed, you’re sure that your cabinets will function well even way past its lifetime.

Why Choose to Use a Hidden Hinge?

These cabinet hardware hinges are usually common in Europe; as such it’s also called as European hinges. Hidden hinge or invisible hinge is also some of its known aliases. Using a concealed hinge offers a perfect complement to a modern and minimalistic home design.

How Can You Tell a Good Concealed Hinge?

Not all concealed hinges are the same. The best way to determine an excellent concealed hinge is with its capability of being adjustable.

You should consider picking those which can be adjusted from in/out, up/down, and left/right. Doing so will allow you to move the cabinet door’s position even if the hinges are already in place. This will help you achieve perfect gaps on all sides.

What Finishes are Available for Concealed Hinges?

Compared to other types of hinges, a concealed hinge is compatible with nearly all types of finishes. You can get a concealed hinge ranging from polished to satin to bronze. You’ll even find oil-rubbed bronze finishes available.

Are There Load Capacity Difference in Each Hinge Type?

Different hinge models can have varying load capacities. However, even if you find a good quality hinge with lower load capacity, you can always circumvent this limitation.

Installing more than two hinges on a heavy cabinet door usually solves the issue. This is typically the case for cheaper hinges. If you want to refrain from having to resort to using more hinges than usual, you can always go for premium ones that have higher load capacities.

Are Concealed Door Hinges Durable?

The durability of a hinge depends on where you’re going to use it. If you’re going to install a hinge on a cabinet that people will always open and close, you need to choose those with heavy-duty qualities.

A kitchen cupboard or home office cabinet requires a high-grade door hinge. You may be paying extra, but you won’t go through the trouble of replacing it after a year or two.

What are the Main Benefits of Hidden Hinge Over Other Types?

Hidden hinges have numerous benefits over the standard types:

  • Increases lifespan of your cabinet. Hidden hinges have designs that can stand the test of time. They are soft-closing, which helps prevent the cabinet door from slamming.
  • Silent operation. You won’t hear any annoying, creaking sounds when you use a concealed door hinge. Furthermore, you’ll have doors opening and closing smoothly.
  • Undisturbed cabinet contents. Banging a cabinet door tends to disturb its content. Due to this, breakable objects like plates are at risk. A concealed door hinge prevents the cabinet door from slamming.
  • Safe for kids. Kids typically use more force than usual when opening and closing cabinet doors. Since concealed door hinges have soft-close mechanisms, you won’t have to worry about their fingers getting hurt.
  • Easy removal and installation. Do you need to remove the door to clean the cabinet thoroughly? You can easily do this if you’re using a concealed door hinge. You won’t even need to use a screwdriver or any other tools.
  • Allows for easy adjustments. You don’t have to take the door apart just to adjust it. You can change the door’s angle and height so that it leaves a perfect gap.

Always Choose Concealed Door Hinge for Your Cabinets

Make your cabinets last for a long time and give yourself peace of mind after installing them. For best results, go with heavy duty hidden hinges so you’ll have ample load capacity regardless of the door type.

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