How to Install an Electric Water Heater


A faulty water heater can be frustrating. As a result, homeowners should know when it is time to replace their water heaters, as seen in this video. A water heater installation project requires the input of a qualified expert. The ideal installer must have good carpentry, electrical, plumbing, and ventilating skills.

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To install a water heater, an installer starts by identifying the correct location for the tank. They then position the water heater on a drain pan. The installer will insert the new valve if the water heater’s TandP relief valve isn’t already installed. The valve is designed to open automatically when the pressure or temperature becomes overly high.

The next water heater installation step is to place the discharge pipe from the TandP valve to the drain or floor. They will place a container underneath where water from the discharge pipe flows. Then, they will insert the water hookup using a flexible hose kit. Applying plumbers tape on the heat trap nipples’ threads and fixing the hoses may be necessary.

An expert can install and secure the fittings before inserting the compression ring and nut into the pipe. Seismic traps are critical in the water heater installation process. Plumbers may install them if the area is prone to earthquakes.

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