Watch a Barn Wood Siding Installation


Installing barn wood siding is similar to that of standard wooden siding. Before starting any construction project, you must ensure the right tools and materials. For example, if you plan to use pressure-treated lumber, you will need to buy treated lumber from a local supplier.

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You may also want to get a few extra supplies, such as screws, nails, and paint. Once you’ve chosen your materials, cut them into the sizes needed for your project. Make sure you measure carefully before cutting each piece. Once you have all your lumber ready, it’s time to assemble your framing system.

Next, attach sheathing to the exterior surface of the wall. You first need to remove the old sheathing, and then lay down the new sheathing over the entire wall area. Be careful not to stretch the sheathing too tightly because it needs to allow air circulation. Attach the sheathing by driving screws through the sheathing and into the studs. You then need to paint and stain the exterior of the barn. It’s best to apply the finish after the barn has been assembled. Use a brush to apply the finish. Ensure that you apply several coats until the desired color is achieved. Lastly, add hardware to the door and windows. Use hinges to hang doors and latches to secure windows.

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