Watch This Clopay Garage Door Demonstration


If you are going to replace your garage door, you might as well do it with one of the most reputable brands in the garage door industry. Watch this video on the Clopay door can to help you understand why it is a favorite with so many people.

Clopay Garage Doors are highly acknowledged as among the most reputable and competent garage door manufacturers in the United States. Because the company sells aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting products, you can feel confident in your chosen option.

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The Clopay garage door has three different construction possibilities: one, two, or three layers. Insulation choices include polyurethane in thicknesses of 2 inches or 1-3/8 inches, polystyrene in thicknesses of 2 inches or 1-3/8 inches, or vinyl-backed polystyrene measuring 1-5/16 inches.

The R-values of insulated Clopay garage doors range from 6.34 to 18.4. A durable, multi-layered layer that features a hot-dipped galvanized coating and a baked-on primer and finishes protects their steel skins. There are short-panel and long-panel alternatives available for grooved-panel steel carriage designs. There are 12 custom finish paint hues to choose from, such as almond, black, and Ultra-Grain Oak Walnut.

Garage doors manufactured by Clopay adhere to all environmental rules and regulations and do not have any HFCs in their composition. Call a garage door provider for the most incredible deals on a Clopay garage door if you want beautiful doors that are a good match for the style of your home.

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