How to Decide on the Right Fireplaces for Your Home


Watch this video to get a clear idea of which fireplaces are perfect for your home. The fireplace is a vital part of any home. It is where people bond, tell stories and relax, which is why it must be just right.

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Settling on what works can be tricky if one has no idea what to consider, but don’t worry. We examine what should inform your choices here to help you get around it.
The decision on the suitable fireplaces for your home should depend on the efficiency, the type of fuel you have available or intend to use, the type and degree of heating you are looking for, and whether you have a chimney; or want one, or not. Traditional wood-burning fireplaces are the least efficient at 15% and produce less warming heat in your home. The heat cannot be controlled and will fluctuate from extreme to nothing. The electric and gas-fuelled fireplace is 70% to 80% efficient and far cleaner with better heating control. Decide on a fireplace for your home depending on whether you want to use electricity, gas, or wood and wood products or its equivalent substitutes. The idea is to use what you readily have or can easily access and afford for fuelling.
In terms of heating, a ceramic-glass-sealed fireplace of any kind retains and provides more heat than the unsealed equivalent. It burns less fuel and provides more output. The final decision on which fireplace best suits your home depends on whether you have a chimney, can build one, or want one. A gas zero clearance fireplace option will work without them. It fits anywhere inside or outside the room with an exterior vent pipe. If you don’t intend to use gas, consider portable stove-built ceramic glass sealed fireplaces.

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