How to Clean Your Air Conditoner


Before you hire someone for air conditioning service, try to clean it yourself. Your air conditioning unit is a big part of what makes your home an oasis of rest and relaxation. Over time, you might notice your unit working harder to achieve the same level of cooling as it once did. Likewise, if you have a heating, ventilating and air conditioning system (HVAC), the heating may become less effective over time.

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Once again, make sure the power is off. You can shut off your electricity at the outdoor disconnect box before getting started.

Take out the sheet metal screws on top of the unit. Once you have removed them, lift the fan unit and grille. Most units have enough slack in the wires to set the top down and lean it against the wall without having to disconnect any wires. Depending on your unit, there will be a varying amount of debris in the bottom of the air conditioner. Entry-level models don’t usually have guards in place that stop debris from coming through the top of the fan unit, so you may have leaves, seeds or even tiny twigs in the bottom pan.

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