Iron vs Aluminum Fencing


In this video, you will learn the differences and similarities between aluminum fencing and iron fencing. Though both materials are fairly different, knowing which is the better material depends on your preferences and your project needs.

Many homeowners normally want to know which one looks better. The displayed both iron and aluminum fence design pieces on the video showed that the aluminum has a taller rail with a screw securing the picket to the rail, while the iron has a shorter rail with no screw.

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The two were still pretty similar in looks, and the answer to which looks better is based on personal preferences. The next question from homeowners is about the maintenance and rust. The expert shared that a key property of aluminum is that it does not rust if exposed to air. However, if you scrape down iron to bare metal, it will rust. One way to mitigate iron from rusting is to protect it with a protective coat of zinc galvanization over the bare metal. It is then applied with a powder-coated for a final finish that does not rust.

If you’d like to know more about the differences between iron and aluminum fencing, keep watching this video.

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