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The REAL Cost of DIY Home Renovatio


What is the real cost of DIY first floor renovations? That is a question that has a variety of answers. For example, the size of your first floor will affect the costs of first floor renovations. The actual cost of kitchen remodels, master bathroom remodel, even whole home remodeling does not necessarily reflect the actual cost of the remodel when you take it on as a DIY project. For example, the average master bedroom remodel may run you about $2000 in materials, but are you talking up the time that it is costing you?

A lot of homeowners take the DIY route because they want to save, and that is well understood, but when they are doing a comparison of costs between DIY and hiring a professional whole home remodeling contractor they leave out some costs. This video
will help you to better understand what the actual costs of remodeling as a DIY project really is.

Having the information you need to do an assessment of costs to get a more accurate picture of what the process will cost you is essential in making an informed choice. Watch the video to learn more.

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