Is It Better To Split Logs By Hand or By Machine


Everyone who has ever split logs by hand will tell you that it is a hard, time-consuming job. The video, ‘ How to Split Firewood By Hand or Machine | Ask This Old House,’ aims to give you a basic understanding of the two most common ways to split logs, hand splitting, and machine splitting.

Hand splitting involves using a splitting maul, wedge, and sledgehammer to chop the wood along the grain until it splits apart. It is often considered very labor-intensive and difficult compared to other types of splitting because you have to get down on one knee to use each tool properly. An Axe can be used to split logs but is not effective for splitting large diameter wood.

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Machine splitting involves placing the log on top of a machine that splits it apart along the grain with minimal effort. Several types are available, including, hydraulic, gas-powered, pneumatic, and electric models. You can buy these machines at home stores or rent them from hardware stores. The commercial log splitter is essential equipment for commercial log splitting. A commercial log splitter can make short work of even very large logs.

Machine splitting is much faster than hand splitting because the machine does most of the work for you. It also can be done on logs that are too large or awkwardly shaped to split by hand. However, machines are more expensive and less mobile than hand tools, so they are not practical for everyone.

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